"The Perfect Day" (named by the client)  5'x6' Oil on Canvas

"The Perfect Day" (named by the client)

5'x6' Oil on Canvas

Is a EAW commission right for you? 

If you like one or more EAW pieces that are sold.

If you are willing to take a risk, there are no sketches or mok-ups. 

If you are able to pay half of the total price of the painting up front.

If you are willing to wait. There is no specific deadlines or time frames promised. You will be moved to top proirity in my studio but because of the nature of my process the timeline varies from piece to piece.

If these above statements are true then an EAW commission could be right for you.

Step One:

Please look at my available work and take note of the titles. If at all possible see the work in person, the size alone has a great deal to do with how a piece is enjoyed. When you have looked at all the available work and they have not found that "perfect fit" for their space.

Above are the inspirational pieces that were all unavailable. The client loves the dark reds and the more Expressionistic style.

Step Two:

Take note of any pieces of unavailable work. Note why or what makes those pieces stand out. It can be as simple as the colors or the lines or lack of lines. Over the years my work has leaned heavily on brush strokes and drips for interest (Expressionistic). Or more heavily on design and sharp lines (Patterned). My newest work is still abstract but has recognizable elements, depicted with blind contours.

Step Three:

I come see your space! I find that nothing can replace this step. It is part of my creative process. Knowing where this piece's eventual home will be and us having a face to face discussions about your discoveries in step one and two. If travel is not feasible the next best thing would be a video meeting. During this meeting the wall where the piece will be hanging is measured. Then I can best recommend what size would be most suitable, not too larger or too small. 

This client is an example of how having separate canvases served their space better.

This client is an example of how having separate canvases served their space better.

Size is a element that informs my process. It is an important part of the custom fit you get with a commission. There have been times where using multiple canvases actually saves the client in the long run. Large canvases (5'x6' or around that size) are costly to ship or deliver but there are times when that is the best solution for your space and is completely worth it.  

Step Four:

Once we have decided on what are the "inspirational" pieces of mine we are basing this new work on and the size. I will give you a quote, once the quote is given it is good for 30 days. When the contract is signed and the half of the total cost of the painting is paid then your commission will be started. I do not even order supplies until that payment is made. 


If at all possible I like to deliver and hang the work myself. On delivery the final payment is due and I like to document the work in it's new home. Now you get to sit back and enjoy an EAW original!